Number Three (aka Royal Guard #3) is a character introduced in King's Quest Chapter II: Rubble Without A Cause.

Background Edit

Not long after Graham became king, she was hired into the Royal Guards by the newly crowned King Graham, and is proud to be his Royal Guard Number 3. Working along side with the well know Guard 1 and the forgotten Guard 2 (because his smell of syrup which a running gag that is sticking with).

A decade later, while Graham is starting to feel lonely under the weight of the crown, she is seen in the castle holding a bowl of peas at a failing banquet Graham is holding for Daventry, with the townsfolk not attending. Graham invited her to eat with him but staying true the addendums, she only serves peas when the first bowl is empty and will refill the bowl.

She is attacked by Manannan and knocked into the wall. But she survived and is a distraction to Graham eighteen years later during the royal  Staring Contest.

Personality and traits Edit

Like the other Royal guards, Guard 3 is wearing either scarlet sunset/ crimson colada armor[1]. Like the other guards, its difficult to tell them a part unless they speak. Number 3 speaks in a falsetto voice, indicating that she is another gender.

Guard 3 is allergic to lavender that was present in the food of the banquet.[2]

Names and titlesEdit

Like many of the guards (with exception of Kyle and Larry) her name is unknown.

  • Number Three
  • Royal Guard #3
  • Guard #3
  • RG3
  • #3

Behind the scenes Edit

In Once Upon a Climb, she is dating Guard 2

  • But then was proposed to after Graham and Valanice got together.
  • It would heard from Valanice after receiving her present from Gwendelyn if the player chooses options that don't relate with Graham's wife.

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