Northwest Daventry (aka Northwest Area) is a region of Daventry as it appears on maps in The Official Book of King's Quest 1st and 2nd editions. Most other hintbooks divide Daventry into East and West Daventry (but what locations are included within each section or the layout of areas depends on the edition, see also magical law of "containment" (wrap around)).


The northern edge of the region includes the lake and waterfall east of Castle Daventry (aka Beautiful Lake), Stump and Log, the western half of the lake east of the stump ('serene mountain lake').

The bridge to the north of the Island of the Gnome (Wood Bridge), east of it is the Stone Bridge, the lake to the east of the bridge ('clear blue lake'), and front of the Woodcutter's house (and roughly the inside of the 'house').

The southern edge of the region includes the Island of the Gnome, the bridge east of it (Earth Bridge), the Flower Patch, and the lake east of it ('swampy lake').


  • West Lake

Behind the scenesEdit

King's Quest Chapter 2Edit

According to 2nd chapter of new King's Quest series the Northwest or Northwestern region is the region where most of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 takes place.

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