King Neptune's Kingdom in the official KQ2

Neptune's Kingdom (aka Kingdom of Neptune[1]) was the undersea empire ruled by King Neptune located near the coast of Kolyma (Land of Kolyma) within the Southern Sea.


It is the realm were mermaids play.

The bottom of the sea is teeming with fish and plant life. There are many beautiful creatures at the bottom of the sea. King Neptune rules this mighty underwater empire. Neptune guarded the coasts of Kolyma and one of the Magical Keys, which prevented Dracula and the other vampires living there from heading across the sea or through the Magical Doorway.

The sea is home to sharks, fish, seahorses, starfish and other creatures.


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According ot maps this region extents both west and south of the continent of Kolyma. The area is known as Neptune's Kingdom in the KQ2 Hintbook and maps in the King's Quest Companion. The KIXX release called this area Undersea Kingdom, but its unclear if this name originates from any official synopses or from KIXX own marketing.


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