King Neptune is the King of the Sea, the ruler of the sea near Kolyma. He is the father of Triton.


Originally known in the Other World as Poseidon, he was the Greek god of sea and water. Poseidon was one of the three sons of Cronus, he and his brothers, Zeus and Pluto, killed their father divided the world between them--Poseidon getting the fluid part.

He lived in a golden palace beneath the waves, where he caused both storms and favoring winds. Sailors, naturally, worshipped him, and he was thought of as the god of navigation. His trident was used to lash the sea to fury, cause springs to gush from the ground, and cause earthquakes. For this last reason, one of his descriptive names was enosichthon, which translates like "a real earth shaker!". The Romans gave him the name Neptune.[1]

In Daventry Neptune is the king of Merfolk, and Lord of the sea. In time he lost his trident which then washed up onto the shore of Kolyma where it lay for a long time. Graham discovered it laying in the grass that grew up around it. Graham befriended a mermaid and was given a ride to King Neptune's realm. While there Graham returned Neptune's lost trident, and was given the first key to the magic doors, as well as a bottle with a cloth inside.

Graham received the first key to the magic doors from him after he returned Neptune's trident to him in his throne room under the sea.

King Neptune later attended King Graham's and Queen Valanice's wedding at the Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury.

Personality and traitsEdit

He is tall and imposing, with a flowing robe and long greenish-gray beard. A crown fashioned of shells and pearls adorns his head. He is the leading member the merfolk living near Neptune's Kingdom.

Titles and namesEdit

  • King of the Sea
  • Lord of the Sea
  • Neptune
  • Poseidon
  • Enosichthon

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Behind the scenesEdit

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea. He is depicted with a trident (a weapon for hunting fish). Neptune is the Roman name for the Greek god Poseidon.

Neptune (unofficial)Edit

Neptune appears in the fan game; KQ2RTS, see Neptune (unofficial).


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