Neese is a princess of Western Kolyma. She is a middle child, with fifteen siblings. Before becoming trapped in Hagatha's tower she had never travelled outside Western Kolyma.

She had a very loving and very rowdy family, as the middle of 15 kids. Some start a family band, her family started an orchestra.

Western Kolyma is a poorer country compared to Eastern Kolyma and Daventry. Neese was therefore unable to attend a fancy school. She self-tutored herself in a variety of topics including piano, painting, and wild-snute breeding.

Even though Western Kolyma and Eastern Kolyma seem to have a trouble political relationship, Neese has been best friends with Princess Vee since childhood.

Neese saw Hagatha's tower on the edge of her kingdom. A little old lady tricked Neese into the tower by telling her there was a unicorn at the top. The 'unicorn' turned out to have been Mr. Fancycakes. She leapt at the chance for adventure, since her huge family didn't allow her travel much.

Neese as Queen ValaniceEdit

Neese as IcebellaEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Neese, much like Graham, is prone to excitable outbursts. Her favourite jelly bean is popcorn, and she prefers sweet foods to savory foods. She knows how to play several instruments including the piano, the lute, and the bongos. Neese likes animals, and is shown communicating with them at several points during the story, including Princess Madeline of Avalon and a wedzel wolf.

She later begins to take on certain aspects of her friend Vee (KQGS) later in life, such as skill with the bow, and enjoyment of puzzle solving.

Neese has auburn hair, and blue-grey eyes (somewhat closer to the descriptions of the original Valanice, and much of the original artwork).

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Valanice
  • Neese
  • Princess Neese of Western Kolyma
  • Princess Valanice of Western Kolyma

Behind the scenesEdit

They both have affinity, basically, and every puzzle you do in the game you’re going to start to earn favor with one of them or the other, and [whoever you end up with becomes] your canon Valanice for the series.” Oh, so is that why, two episodes in, we have yet to see Queen Valanice’s face?

Neese is the 'default' character if someone plays Chapter 4 from a new game.