Madame Mushka is a Gypsy fortune teller that tells Graham of his family's plight for the price of a gold coin. She also gave Graham a magic amulet that would protect him from Old Witch's magic. Her wagon was guarded by her husband Vladic.


Madame Mushka is the gypsy fortune teller who showed Graham what had become of his family after they had been captured by Mordack.

Mushka, her husband Vladic, and her three daughters appear often at carnivals and public celebrations throughout Daventry. Since the story of her readings with Graham became widespread, her crystal ball and Tarot card readings have become much in demand. Success for Mushka has also led to successes for the rest of her family. Vladic's impassioned violin-playing elicits sighs from women everywhere; their daughters' dancing has the same effect on men. The family now travels in three wagons; one for Mushka and Vladic, one for their teenage girls, and the third for all the silver and gold that has crossed their palms.[1]


  • Fortune Teller
  • Madam Mushka

Behind the scenesEdit

In the credits Mushka is listed as the Fortune Teller.


"So? You are here to see Madame Mushka, no? Well, come closer. Seet down."

"I weel tell you your fortune. Already I can tell zat you are on a quest of great urgency. We will see wat we can find out for you."


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