King Mudge is the the King of the Swamp. He is a very large snail.


The Swamp is his realm and all there are his subjects. He was a giant snail. He showed up after Connor purified the Swamp Witch's poison from the swamp, he greeted the Champion Eternal, having understood that he had slew the vile witch. He thought that was wonderful. He couldn't tolerate that old biddy, especially after she had poisoned his lovely swamp. But because of Connor the water was pure once more, so King Mudge expressed his extreme gratitude. Connor humbly accepted his appreciation, and wanted to ask him for more counsel. But Mudge told him to stay his thoughts, as he had to quickly devise an exit for Connor. So he began to swim off. Connor wanted to know where he was going. King Mudge swam around in circles, opening a whirlpool portal to the Underground Realm of the Gnomes before finally disappearing beneath the water.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Swamp King
  • King of the Swamp
  • Sir Snail
  • Sire

Behind the scenes Edit

The original On-Line systems existed on Mudge Ranch Road.

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