Mort Cadaver
Mort Cadaver is the doctor and Coroner who resides in Ooga Booga. He helps both Rosella and Valanice in their searches to find each other and to save Eldritch. He is the chief medical practitioner, coroner, and undertaker of Ooga Booga.


He is usually found in his manor/coroner's office. The interior of his home is Victorian styled with a mess of lab equipment and spare body parts, one of which is a severed leg Rosella takes to gain the confidence of Vlad Tsepish's jet black hound. Among the oddities is one of his more permanent patients, "Mr. Nibbler," a skull-headed mouse who is imprisoned under a glass dome and taunts Rosella in a manner similar to Hannibal Lecter.

Like the other residents of Ooga Booga, he is undead. His medical practice consists mostly of keeping stock of extra body parts to replace the ones lost by the town-folk. He says he has often replaced the ghoulish Lady Tsepish's eyes many times because she's "cried her eyes out." When Rosella first appears in Ooga Booga, Dr. Cadaver appears to her in a short, fat, and very lanky form. The reason for that was that he gave his own spinal cord to "a lovely young woman who had fallen off a cliff." Later, when Rosella finds the doctor a new spine, he simply swallows it whole and becomes a tall, thin man. (When he is seen at his desk writing with his quill, his sprite stays the same no matter what form he's in.) As a reward for helping him, Dr. Cadaver gives Rosella a "pet" which he built using a variety of spare parts. Later, Rosella returns to his office and receives from him a powerful defoliant which can kill the monstrous vines in front of Malicia's manor.

Valanice encounters Dr. Cadaver later in the game. He informs her of her daughter's safety, and later assists Valanice in entering the land of dreams by letting her sleep on his dream silk-lined coffin. In the next to final chapter, if Valanice crosses back to Ooga Booga, she will find a large crate of body parts in the middle of Dr. Cadaver's office. Dr. Cadaver, like many of the other citizens of Eldritch, are panicked over the inevitable eruption of the Vulcanix Underground by Malicia, and Dr. Cadaver is stockpiling body parts he will use to repair as many of the Ooga Booga citizens as possible.


  • Coroner
  • Doctor (Dr.)
  • Doc

Behind the scenesEdit

He is only seen near his office, or outside opening the front door to the Coroner's House.

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