The Chapel of the monastery.


King Graham's wedding

The Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury is a resting place and haven for weary travelers in western Kolyma.[1]It is part of the Roman Catholic Church.


The monks living at the old monastery often help travelers in need. Its great bell is chimed a half hour before sundown each night to warn all that hear it of the time-after sundown, the Prince of Vampires hunts for food.[2] The monks of the Blessed Wilbury protect visitors to western Kolyma often offering them a place to rest to keep them safe from the Vampires and other undead that often roam around countryside at night.[3]

King Graham once visited the monastery, there stopped to pray for a bit while he was searching for Valanice, and was given a silver cross by one of the monks, Brother Fragola.[4] The monk was pleased by his prayers, had asked for his name, before giving the cross to him.[5] With this cross worn about his neck, Graham was able to enter Dracula's castle safely.[6] It protected him from Dracula and his evil forces.

Graham and Valanice's wedding was in the Chapel of the monastery. Other stories claim they were married back home in Daventry. They were married by Brother Fragola. He is now the royal chaplain to the court of Daventry.[7] In attendance at the wedding were Graham's Fairy Godmother, the Leprechaun King, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma, The Wolf, the cloud Giant, the Evil Enchanter/Sorcerer, the Dwarf, Hagatha, Dracula (or another vampire), the Mermaid, King Neptune, a shark, and the Dragon that once guarded the Magic Mirror.

As a wedding gift, the monks repaired the frayed bridge crossing in order that Graham and Valanice could return to the Crystal Tower and free the golden lion.[8]



The Chapel of the monastery is plain and unadorned. Rows of pews lead toward an altar, which is topped by a large cross.[9] There is almost always monk in simple clothing bent in prayer and worship toward the cross on the altar. The monks only stand when greeting a visitor to the chapel who show reverence.[10]

The large wooden cross tops the oaken altar. The wooden cross is plain and simple, and the altar of polished oak supports it.[11]

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The name "Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury" is established in the King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition, and King's Questions.


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