Moat monsters are huge scaly and vicious sea serpents in Castle Daventry's moat. They share the moat with Alligators.


They were first established in Castle Daventry's moat by an early king of Daventry as an additional line of defense.[1] The fierce sea creatures often lie just beneath the surface of the moat. The scaly, slimy serpents cruise the moat looking for unwary trespassers. They eat whoever might foolishly try to swim in the moat's water.[2] A moat monster often surfaces out of the waters, to look around for a moment, before settling back into the moat's depths, leaving not much more than a ripple to mark its passage.[3]

Daventry is said to have existed over thousands of years. Originating from the sea, the moat monsters were introduced by an early king of Daventry. This would have had to have happened at least a couple of thousand years before. Before that the first kings may have ruled from the old castlekeep, aka Castlekeep Ruins. Although that castle may have been built later, and was up in use during Edward's time before he built the new castle for his queen.

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There can be up to two moat monsters on screen at one time. Either one raising its head out of the water, or one swimming along the surface. This would suggest there are possibly up to six moat monsters total (2 per screen).

Moat monsters are over 15 feet long (if Graham's height is 5 ft as suggested in the game.) If Graham is 6 feet, they would be over 18 feet long.


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