The Minotaur is a part man/part bull creature who lives deep with the Catacombs of the Ancients.


For years, the Winged Ones were forced to make an annual sacrifice to the Minotaur to keep the beast from wreaking havoc upon the Winged Ones' fair city. The Oracle prophesied that a whosoever scaled the Logic Cliffs was destined to defeat the Minotaur and rescue the Winged Ones.

Alexander defeats the Minotaur by tricking him into falling into a fiery pit with the Red Queen's scarf.

Another minotaur has since taken up residence in the catacombs since Alexander took over the kingdom.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Minotaurs are large half-man and half-bull creatures that love to live in labyrinths.

The minotaur is a huge, monstrous beast with cloven hooves and the head of a bull. This legendary monster is just as ferocious as he is cruel. He is strong and smart, and his only weakness is his base, beastly nature.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The minotaur is based on the creature of legend, who lived in a labyrinth on Crete, and was killed by Theseus.

The spelling of the creature is often just 'minotaur'.

In the Guidebook and the Companion is mentioned that the minotaurs are a race. In the KQ6 Hintbook it's suggested that the Minotaur encountered by Alexander is specifically the one from the (Greek) legends. It is described as the 'fabled minotaur', and 'The Minotaur', a 'legendary monster'. The prophecy mentioned in KQ6, refers to it as 'the minotaur'.

If so, this is the one that was killed by Theseus. However, if this is so, it is unclear how the beast was resurrected, and came to live on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

The novelization of KQ6 in the companion also gives it the title 'the Minotaur', but also describes it as 'a Minotaur'. It also describes the one that moved in after KQ6 as the 'new Minotaur'. Thus capitalizing the race as a whole.

The Guidebook does not capitalize the name of the race, and describes it as 'a minotaur', or 'the minotaur'.


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