Mikel Knight seems to be a famous individual... The old gnome Rumplestiltskin is not Mikel Knight, and doesn't like being accused of being him.

Behind the scenesEdit

This appears to be a reference to both Mikel Knight one of the developers of the game, and "Michael Knight" of Knight Rider fame. In KQ1AGI it gives an easter egg in which Rumplestiltskin responds: "What do you think I am, a car? This also won't get you a raise. Nice try?".

If you type 'talk to Mikel/mikel or Mikel Knight/mikel knight' it will respond with "You get no response from the "______"" (with the varient capitalization or non-caps appearing between quotations. This is the same message that will appear if you try talking to "Graham/graham" as well.

Examining/look using the various 'mikel/mikel knight' or Graham in caps/non-caps will also bring up the standard "You see nothing special".

Other words that the parser will respond with these messages include 'rumplestiltskin/rumpelstiltskin/nikstlitselpur/ifnkovhgroghprm', 'beaver/beavers', 'people', 'my name'., and pretty much any noun from the parser (except most character nouns, I.E. rat, goat, sorcerer, etc). Attempting to use other character nouns usually gives a unique message such as "There is no "____" here" (I.e. "There is no sorcerer here", or at least default to whatever character is supposed to be seen on that screen, when its not there (most characters can be described with many different nouns when they are in a screen or when they are gone, for example asking about 'sorcerer' will also default to the 'dwarf' if you are in the dwarf screen).

In KQ1SCI it only understands 'mikel', and if used in an attempt to answer the Gnome's name the game will respond with the message: 'It is of no use to keep guessing the gnome's name.'

Using it such as 'talk to' or 'look at' only brings up generic messages such as "That is strange... you don't get an answer" or "You see nothing special, Sir Graham".

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