Merlin was once a great wizard from the Other World and in Daventry's legends as well.


Merlin was a great magician and the adviser to King Arthur and a number of other kings. It is said that it was Merlin who created the Round Table for his monarch, and perhaps even Stonehenge. Merlin possessed a wondrous mirror which he was able to look into the future or gaze upon anyone or any place he wished. He used it often to help Arthur become victorious in battle.[1]

It is said that the great wizard Merlin had an owl as a familiar. Merlin's Owl was named Archimedes. It is possible that Crispin and Cedric are Merlin and Archimedes, living in Serenia under assumed identities.[2] Other legends say that Merlin was buried in a crystal coffin in a cave deep beneath the earth, somewhere in Daventry with his magic mirror. The tomb of the necromancer was later discovered, and the mirror came into the hands of the king's and queens of Daventry. Merlin used the mirror's property of showing the truth, whether of past, present or future.

Behind the scenesEdit

Merlin is a character out of the Arthurian legends. Merlin has appeared in other Sierra games including Conquests of Camelot and another version in Quest for Glory 2 (inspired by Merlin from Disney's version of Once and Future King). Although each is inspired by the same character of myth, each games' version has no connection to the other games directly (although the version that appears in QFG2 also leads to a reference to Conquests of Camelot game).

The crystal coffin is a reference to Merlin being enchanted, and trapped in a crystal cave by Nimue (Lady of the Lake) in some versions of Arthurian legend (at least back to a poem by Edwin Muir, published in 1937), or simply a cave, underground tomb, or pit in the forest of Darnantes, in others versions she puts him to sleep, trapped in rock or in a tower, or even a tree.

Merlin is similar to Haroun alRaschid in King's Quest lore in that the final outcome of both wizards is wrapped in mystery. Both are believed to have possible died, or perhaps still live on, but under other guises. Merlin as Crispin, and Harun possibly an aardvark. In an interesting ironic coincidence, Halroun is said to be the only magician the green isles had ever known (not counting the wizard who may have created the Isle of Wonder), and Crispin inexplicably knew of the location of the Green Isles, as if he had been there before.


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