Merchant of Miracles is a merchant in the new King's Quest, Chapter I: A Knight to Remember and Chapter II: Rubble Without A Cause.


Personality and traitsEdit

Nicknames and titlesEdit

  • Merchant of Miracles
  • Merchant

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In Chapter 2 the Merchant will acknowledge if you saved him or freed him in Chapter 1.
  • He will become more friendly in CH 2, if you save Mr. Fancycakes and give you hatchet needed to get extra deed page.
  • If for some reason you run out of money in chapter 2, he'll have a sign in his cell stating he is on a break. You can the steal the last item from him.
  • In Chapter 4 it doesn't appear that the Merchant has aged a day since Chapter 1, 40 years later. Based on his height, and the fact he hasn't aged, may suggest he is a long-lived race such as the gnomes.
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