Matilda is Valanice's lady-in-waiting and has been since Valanice was a little girl. She was originally from Kolyma.


Matilda had spent years climbing castle steps from the lowest dungeon to highest parapet chasing after Valanice--first as a child, then as a woman and queen. It had worn her body down. Matilda never complained, she loved Valanice as a daughter.[1]

She came to Daventry when Valanice had first journeyed to Daventry from Kolyma after Valanice had married Graham.[2]

Matilda helped Valanice prepare for the journey to visit the Old Wood during the unseasonable snow.[3]

Matilda, the queens maid had very definite things to say about Rosella trying to get into her mother's clothing.[4]


Matilda may be one of the servants sent out to discover the Rumplestiltkin's name, perhaps even the servant that discovered had discovered the man dancing and laughing by a fire and learned his name. Perhaps it was due to this she was made the child's lady-in-waiting by the royal couple.

Personality and traits Edit

She is a large women and plump. Her ample figure filled up her blue castle uniform (the blue servant uniforms). a gray scarf was tied around her white hair.

She was quite direct in her thoughts to the queen, telling Valanice what was on her mind even if it might cause offense. It was out of love that she was so direct.

Behind the scenesEdit

It's unclear which part of Kolyma she originates from but since most of the population is from eastern Kolyma (including Valanice's parents), she is probably from there.

Obviously the context of reference to 'castle steps' is broad referring both to a castle in Kolyma, and later Castle Daventry. It is possible the authors might have even been referencing the castle in KQ2 (Dracula's Castle) with this reference, but its unclear.


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