The Mask of Eternity (aka the Mask) is the Mask of Truth, Light, and Order is a sacred object, held in the Realm of the Sun by the Archons. It had to remain in the Realm to prevent a cataclysm from befalling the world.

It appears in the game King's Quest: Mask of Eternity.


The Mask is the global Icon of Truth, Light and Order, it protected Daventry. Through use of dark and powerful magics, Lucreto shattered the Mask and its pieces were scattered throughout different parts of the world of Daventry. As a result, Chaos reigned, and creatures of darkness were allowed to roam free in the world. Connor whom the Mask had deemed as its Champion Eternal reunited the pieces by returning the Mask to its alter. Once reforged the Mask opened up a portal, and Lucreto was pulled in, banished for eternity.

The Archons were freed and went back to guarding the Mask so that it could not be used for darkness again.

Notes Edit

  • Apparently later the Mask ended up in the hands of King Graham according his 'friend' Larry Laffer.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"...and so I looked back at, like Mesopotamia had their big god, who was a sun god, and he was shown by his symbol was a golden disk with wings. If you look at our mask that we have here, he is golden, and gold has been symbolic of the sun, because it's an incorruptible material, it always shines, it never tarnishes. You can see he sort of haves that sun look, the rays are coming out from him. The wings above his eyes came from the old Mesopotamian god,the winged disk...and also the beard comes from the lion and Leo, and lions have also been associated with with God, and sun gods, and the sun in ancient religions, and is also a very powerful male symbol...and so I took those ideas and worked with a very good artist, who is working for sierra, by the name of John Shroades, and he, I gave him all those ideas, and I gave him different masks, he could look at and the different symbology of various masks, ancient masks, and he came up with this, and I just think it's a very strong symbol."-Roberta Williams, Talk Spot 2.

The Mask of Eternity appears in Leisure Suity Larry Love For Sail Mobile, as an item and easter egg.


  1. Larry (Love For Sale Mobile):"...reminds me of the mask from my friend Graham. Let's put it on."
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