Mannikin was a boy that Genesta took from his parents and raised.


When he was a young boy, Genesta took him from his parents, a foolish king and queen. Genesta promised to return the boy someday, but said they would not see him again until he was all covered with fur. The boy grew up handsome and intelligent, and because of his small size was called "Mannikin".

Mannikin roamed the world and had all sorts of adventures, many times being aided by the good fairy Genesta. Finally, he heard of a princess by the name of Sabella whose heart had been stolen by an evil fairy and hidden away in the center of an ice mountain. With no heart, the girl knew nothing of love. Mannikin fell in love with the princess. He vowed to overcome her other suitors and recover the girl's heart, thereby winning her hand. This he was finally able to do, and when he returned to the North Pole with the girl's heart encased in a diamond, she handed it back to him saying that her heart truly belonged to him.

Genesta arrived in a chariot drawn by eagles, bearing with her Mannikin's parents, the foolish king and queen. When they saw him he still wore the fur coat that had protected him during his icy adventure. Thus Genesta's promise was fulfilled. The coat had been given to him by Sabella and in gratitude and love for her, he named the animal whose fur he wore after his bride-to-be. That is why today there are animals that are called sables.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mannikan is a character from the fairy tale, the Heart of Ice in Andrew Lang's Green Fairy Book. The story is original source of the character Genesta, where Roberta William's got the name for the character.

Derek Karlavaegen describes the little grey elves in the Dark Forest as a 'mannikin'.

From the word 'manikin' which means "a person who is very small, especially one not otherwise abnormal or deformed."


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