The Magicians' Guild is a guild of magicians, enchanters and sorcerers. Manannan and the the Enchanter were members of the guild.


Guilds are organizations of people who practice the same craft, and they have the purpose of protecting and advancing that particular craft. In Daventry, wandering magicians have formed a loose organization called the Magicians' Guild, and its members are easily recognized by their distinctive black and purple pointed hats decorated with the image of a crescent moon. The guild passes on information about different spells to its members, along with magical gossip. As magicians become powerful enough to be considered sorcerers, necromancers or thaumaturgists, they tend to leave the guild, thereby amplifying the notion that the guild is just a collection of amateurs.[1]

Those who leave the guild, may be invited to become members of the Society of Wizards.


Behind the scenesEdit

Clues scattered throughout the King's Quest Companion may imply that the Sorcerer, the Enchanter, and Manannan, may be one and the same individual, the brother of Hagatha, or at least are members of the same organization. It may explain his reason for kidnapping Alexander to avenge the loss of the mirror, Graham's disenchanting of Pegasus, and Hagatha's loss of Valanice.

Interesting bit of trivia is that the sorcerer in KQ1 can be referred to as an "enchanter" in the parser, and the game will respond. This may be a clue connecting the two characters together.

In KQ6 novelization in the companion, although Abdul Alhazred doesn't wear a pointed hat, the game makes a huge point to reference the crescent moon on his turban, representing his mystical powers. It is possible this is a nod back towards the Magician's Guild.


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