The Magicians' Academy is one of the academies of Magic that trains new spellcasters.


The academy is located in or near Mertili. Farquhar had once trained there. Ulan Vasx once taught there for a while.

The Academy has courses such as Introduction to Spell Casting, Apparitions and Specter Analysis, Advanced Conjurations, Sympathetic Magic, Talismans and Charms, and Military Spell Casting. Those who graduate receive a Magicians' Formal Degree.[1] So that the student is well rounded, they offer other areas of study including such things as geography, science, mathematics, and philosophy.[2]

One of the first tests one must undertake before they are accepted into the academy is magic immunity.

Graduates of the various academies of Magic, apprentices, and other hobbyists able to find all they need to know and their basic supplies in virtually any town. These general provisioners stock a myriad of manuscript titles covering all areas of the mystical arts, snug against vials of generic toad spittle, eye of newt, beetle juice, and the like.[3]

The Royal University in Daventry are and the university near Serenia) are competing academies that offer courses on magic. Alexander once taught magic at the Royal University before he moved to the Green Isles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The 'Forty Thieves' were also students of magic, but who went againt their teachers.

See No Weevil does not explicitely state that the Magician' Academy is in Mertili, however it is indirectly suggested through various backstory given for Farquhar and his "home town", his odd jobs there, and his travel between the port and Blue Islands to support his enrollment in the academy. Considering that there are other Magician's academies around the world (see Royal University, and Serenia university), it would make more sense that he would choose one closer to his 'home'. The conversations do seem to indicate that its at least close to his home town.

Magicians' Academy appears to be much older than the one in Daventry, as Ulan Vasx once taught there (although its unclear if the wizard is still alive or not).


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