Magic fruit is a legendary fruit that exists in the stories of the World of Daventry (KQGS). It is based on the Magic Fruit that appears in King's Quest 4.

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Graham near death wishes he could have a slice of magic fruit to make him younger again so he can go on new adventures.

As Graham weakens further nearing death, Gwendolyn wondered if there were anything such as magical fruit to cure, or a spell to extend his life. But it doesn't seem these things exist. Especially for a death cause by a death potion originating from cups of Samhain (KQGS).

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Behind the scenesEdit

Due to the nature of the new series being a reboot and reimagining of the original King's Quest series in which the original series are only 'fairy tales' and have been embellished over time (which has already had impact on KQ1, 2, 3, and elements of 4) and the real stories are said to be far less fantastical (and in some cases some items, and events simply do not exist, but are referenced through 'name drops'), it is not clear if how much of the events of King's Quest 4 actually occurred (although there is evidence of Rosella going to Tamir on a tapestry, there has been no evidence of a heart attack or that Graham was in bad health). So there is no direct evidence of the actual existence of magic fruit that can bring back full health and the vigor of youth as of yet.

In the original universe there actualy was a number of fruits that could heal, extend life, or even grant immortality including the Magic Fruit and Ambrosia.

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