Magic Carpet
The Magic Carpet is one of three gifts received from the Genie of the Lamp. The magic flying carpet was a beautifully woven Persian rug, with a colorful fringe on the ends. Graham was able to ride it to reach the Top of the Cliffs where the second magical key could be found.


The first time King Graham rubbed the brass lamp, the imprisoned djinn gave him a persion carpet with the power of flight. He used this to scale the cliffs of Kolyma in order to gain the second key to the magic doors.

In the Other World, magic carpets appear in many stories that come out of the Middle East. There is a story in the Arabian Nights of three princes--brothers--who wished to marry the same princess. They were each to travel the world for a year, and the one who returned with the greatest rarity would win the maiden's hand. One of the three treasures was a piece of tapestry that if one sat on it would instantly transport the person anywhere he wished.

There is also a magic carpet mentioned in the Koran. It belonged to King Solomon and was made of green silk. It was large enough to carry Solomon, his throne, his army, his spirits, and his attendants wherever he wished to go.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This item is known simply as the 'carpet' on the inventory screen. In the KQ2 Hintbook it is known as the 'Flying carpet'.


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