The Magic Beans were given to Graham after he correctly guessed Rumplestiltskin's backwards name. They look like plain, ordinary small beans.[1] Graham planted the beans in the Flower Patch, a fertile meadow filled with flowers.[2]


The beans were used to grow the beanstalk that took Graham up to the Land of the Clouds. To obtain them, Graham had to guess the gnome's name within three tries.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original KQ1, these are known simply as "beans" in the inventory. In the KQC, 2nd Edition, and the KQ1 Hintbook, they are referred to as the 'Magic Beans'.

If Graham attempts to eat them, it says that he will be sorry, and that they are magic beans.

In KQ1 original, the beans can be planted in any of the following: "the bed of wildflowers", the room where the dwarf attacks with the mesa in the distance, the room where the magic bowl was found, the room with the rotten stump and log, or the room with the cave and condor. The KQC novelization chose the bed of flowers to the east of the eastern troll bridge.

In KQ1 SCI, the beans can be planted in the flowered meadow or clover meadow, or the area with pine trees where the ceramic bowl is found.


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