Mab frozen in ice

Lady Mab is the Lady and Queen of Dreams and is a Faerie noble of Etheria.


When Malicia plots to destroy the Realm of Eldritch, she curses Mab to be trapped in a block of ice on her island in Dreamland. After being ordered by the Fates to talk to Mab since Oberon and Titania are gone, Valanice enters Dreamland by falling asleep in the home of Doctor Mort Cadaver and is shocked to discover that Mab is frozen in a block of ice. With the help of Ceres, Valanice is able to learn that Mab can be unfrozen by a Crystal Shaft with Sunlight, but she must enter Dreamland in physical form. The Dream Weaver is able to provide Valanice with a Tapestry of Dreams that will carry her into Dreamland awake.

Valanice enters Dreamland using the tapestry. After defeating a Nightmare, Valanice locates Mab and frees her from the ice. In thanks, Mab promises to ensure that Valanice will always have good dreams. Mab provides Valanice with a Magic Bridle to ride Sirocco and instructions on how to use the winds to contact the king and queen before teleporting Valanice to the Mountain of Winds. Mab later joins Oberon and Titania in creating a magical web to contain the volcanic eruption, buying Rosella and King Otar Fenris III time to stop it.[1]

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • The Keeper of Dreams

Behind the scenesEdit

Queen Mab is a character in A Midsummer's Night's Dream, and has appeared in later works.


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