Lycathia is a kingdom on the continent of Daventry.


It is known that the land is ruled by a king, but little of the politics is known beyond that. It lies nearby the kingdom of Daventry. Rosella was away visiting the kingdom when the forces from the Floating Castle attacked Daventry. She sent a letter from the kingdom of Lycathia to her family in Daventry telling about her experiences there.[1]

Lycathia is one of the nations that lies nearby Daventry, perhaps lying on one of its borders or just beyond the Old Woods. This may be one of the western and southern kingdoms to which people fled during the coming of the Three-Headed Dragon (when the northern half of the continent, and much of the Sovereignty of Serenia went missing due to the wizard Harlin's magic).

These are the many kingdoms the continent is divided into, most of them small, taking only a day or three journey to cross by foot. These fiefdoms sometimes war or battle with each other for reasons their rulers care about, and shrink or grow depending on their martial fortunes. They seemingly come and go with the seasons, and few are remembered after their passing.

Other nations that lie nearby Daventry include the Duchy Cumberford, and the former Sideria. Though it is unclear where these nations are located in relation to each other. It is unknown if they are close to each other or lie on opposite sides of Daventry.

This may have been one of the kingdoms involved in the border wars with Daventry. Graham's father Hereward died during one of these wars.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lycathia is only mentioned in an offhand reference with very little information about it. In the King's Quest Companion is discussion of the two major kingdoms on the continent of Daventry/Serenia including Daventry and Serenia. It shows that these kingdoms make up the majority of the landmass on the continents (although the size, shape, and location of these kingdoms change over time). In addition it makes reference to minor 'southern and western kingdoms', which implies that any land to the east is either ruled by Daventry, or is frontier or wilderness land ruled by no one in particular (or least not under civilized rule, but possibly supernatural forces; for example Icebella). Maps portray the Great Mountains bordering Daventry, and taking up most of eastern edge of the continent, and directly bordering Daventry to the north as well, dividing the kingdom from Serenia. The southern and western kingdoms appear to be the only other kingdoms of 'note' on the continent.

On the reverse the intended interpretation is that Daventry is a huge continent several thousand miles across and that that kingdom of Daventry is a small kingdom a few miles to hundreds of miles across. In which case Lycathia may be comparable and even average size kingdom in comparison.

The name Lycathia perhaps is a reference to Lycanthropes or frrom Lykos meaning 'wolf'. Which may give an idea into what kind of animals are found in the country, or at least what animal inspired the nation's name.

In real world Lycathia apparently was a real place where a martyr died.[2]

Lycathia (unofficial)Edit

Lycathia appears in some fan stories, see Lycathia (unofficial).


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