Alexander found a volume of love poetry in Ali's Bookshop that Alexander read through. He enjoyed several of its poems. His favorite poems fell out of the book as he set it back into the bookshelf. Ali said he could keep the page, the love poem.

Poem One:

Upon the shore the lilies bend,

Untouched by worldly care.

Where shadow they her earthly bed,

Oh, that she were not there!

Poem Two:

Thy hair, thy lips, thy beauteous face,

And all thy studied female grace,

Have won for thee anon a place,

Within this broken breast.

Poem Three: (This is the poem Alexander could keep)

What was it when I looked at you?

What power has chained me through and through?

And binds my heart with links so tight,

I can not live without the sight of you?

What nameless thing has captured me?

And made me powerless to flee?

What thing is it without a name,

That brings my mind ever back the same to thee?

The name of 'love' cannot apply,

Its commonness does not descry,

The haunted, hunted, painful cry that my heart makes for you,

That ever my soul eternal makes for you.

Poem Four:(also located on the page he could keep)

I cry out and cannot find you,

I reach out and you are not there.

If I cannot have you with me,

There is no peace for me anywhere.

If this is love, then love has killed me,

For without my love, my heart is slain

Through all the world I search for you

To make me whole again.

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