Love is a powerful emotion and powerful magical force.


People just love to capitalize Love, for reasons that are beyond most understanding. Love is said to conquer all, in particular True Love. Perhaps it does, but Love can turn the most composed and serene person into a sweating fool.[1]

Love is also magical and very deadly to the most evil of beings. However evil beings may also mimic 'love', and through false love seduce others. The evil witch Dahlia used false Love to trick Edward the Benevolent, and to steal the Chest of Gold,

Love is often represented via the image of a heart. But the heart that truly loved, never forgets, but as truly loves on to the close.

Cupid is the god of love and Aphrodite was the love goddess of the Greeks..

The Ancient Ones defined love of two types, that of romantic and that of familial. The symbol for M represented romantic love, and the symbol for W represented familial love.

Love may also be used as a description of beauty, Maylie was said to be a 'lovely Queen'.

Love Poetry is written to express love.

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