The lost lover is a character mentioned in King's Quest 4 and its novelization. He is a sea captain, and her husband.


He was husband of the young nineteen year old Betty Cowden, and her lover who perished at sea. The lost lover was a sea captain who never returned from one of his voyages. Betty kept a locket with photos and pictures of her lover. Inside was both a photo showing her youthful lover without beard[1], and on the outside was engraved the image of a black-bearded sea captain-her husband.[2].

The tale of her lost lover that lead to her own death in grief is engraved on her headstone in the Whateley graveyard.

Personality and traitsEdit

He was dashing young man with a handsome face both shaven or as her husband, he grew a long black beard.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Perils of Rosella: From the Chronicles of Daventry, Part IV suggests that the lover looks like a younger Lord Coningsby. Or at least someone related to Coningsby, maybe their son or grandson?

Lord Coningsby (1559-1626) was from an earlier era than the lost lover. Betty Cowden was from 1650-1669. So more than likely if related to the coningsbies, her lover had to have been Coningsby' grandson.

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