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Lolotte's letter was a letter to Manannan. Gwydion discovered it inside of Manannan's desk.

Lolotte's letterEdit

My dear Manannan,

It saddens me to learn that no word of your sister, Hagatha, has reached you of late. We can but hope she is well and able somewhere... to do as she pleases, to whomever she pleases!

My own sister is well, and thank you for asking. She was taken with you once, before you grew that "excessive beard" and insists that you were a handsome man in your day. I can only imagine.

Is your servant performing as adequately as the last? You certainly pick them, don't you! Rumor has it that The Father had a particular say in who this latest slave would be. Such a rare honor; I'm really quite envious! Then again, you name them all "Gwydion," so what does it matter where they come from? The way they meet their end all on their eighteenth birthdays... You are such a poetic dear! As for my own darling boy, he is performing his role as a loyal son superbly... one might think he'd been doing so his whole life.

In matters of Faith, my response is as it has always been: we must continue to do what we can to usurp control from the unfaithful, so that the world may be prepared for the Great Day. For my part, I have made plans to rid this realm of my enemy. Being so predictable and obliviously innocent, she will make easy prey.

The time comes soon, Brother Manannan, and our long wait will be over. May swift destruction come to all those who oppose us!

In The Father We Trust,


PS: You really shouldn't keep cats around the house. Steeds make much better pets.

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