Lockets are special necklaces that hold pictures. One was found in the grave of Betty Cowden. It was engraved with an image of her husband, and contained the photo of her lover (both being the same individual). Another was discovered by Graham in the Roc's nest in Serenia. It contains the pictures of Cassima's parents.


In his brief captivity in a Roc's nest high in the mountains of Serenia. Graham found a small gold locket amongst the twigs and grass. Inside were the portraits of two people. These were the parents of Princess Cassima and when Graham gave the locket to her, she gave him her trust. Given all the horrors and hardships and threats Cassima must have suffered at the hands of Mordack, this was not an inconsiderable giving.

Cassima lost the locket when Mordack kidnapped her in the Green Isles. She and the wizard flew to his castle in the wings of a giant bird. It must have been a Roc, and the same one who captured Graham--perhaps still under the influence and control of the evil sorcerer.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the KQ5 Hintbook this item is known as the 'Gold locket'.


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