Llewdor (aka Llwedor or Lwedor) is a land in the World of Daventry (KQGS) to the far north. It is inspired by the land of the same name in the original series.


Llewdor is apparently located within a day or few journey from Daventry to the far north of the continent near to Serenia and Eldritch bordering the Infinite Desert.[1] It may lie to the northwest (as he entered Daventry from the west, but the exact position is unknown).

It was where Amaya Blackstone grew up, and it was the former home country of Graham Cracker (KQGS) [2], and his sisters and mother. Graham's hometown is known for its oak trees, Graham had brought an acorn with him to bury in Daventry to celebrate his new career as a knight there.

The kingdom was apparently once ruled over by a king. Graham's father was a knight of Llewdor, and guarded the crown.

After Manannam moved there, he apparently conquered the land, forcing everyone to start learning and practicing magic there. Manannan was teaching magic to all of his slaves and the people of Llewdor in order to train them to battle Graham in the future.[3] The fate of Graham's family in this era is not known (if his father was still alive he was probably slain protecting the king, who apparently must have also been killed or enslaved).

There once was or it was claimed to have been the location of the Llewdor Troll Bridge Guild. The guild supposedly uses bells to summon bridges in Llewdor. Llewdor trolls are said to be aggressive and mean. Pillare transferred to Llewdor in the summer of 1679, and she was annoyed to find out there was, in fact, no bridge troll guild in existence there.  Hungry and poor, she discovered a new cause to rally behind: she founded the first charity whose mission was to feed the trolls.


Llewdor is one of three known countries bordering the Infinite Desert (Tanalore (KQGS) may also border the desert as well (on its southern west edge based on some details given in Chapter 3 relating it to a 'desert', and geographical details in Chapter 4).. It also apparenlty lies close enough to Serenia (KQGS) and Eldritch (KQGS) that creatures such as jinxes and  were-beasts such as were-hogs and were-bears (KQGS) exist there or are nearby imports from Serenia woods (Dark Forest and Were-Woods).

This country is one of the locations of the institution known as the Knight School (aka 'The academy').

In later years became the location of Manannan's Mansion where he trained his slaves magic.

Graham travelled down to Daventry from the northwest edge of the kingdom, but the exact location of Llewdor is unknown). From Llewdor access to Daventry requires traveling around the valley roughly to the southwest past the Forest Overlook on the edge of the Northwestern region of Daventry due to a large spine of mountains (Great Mountains (KQGS) along Daventry's northern edge.


Behind the scenesEdit

This location was originally spelled "Llwedor" (sic) when the first chapter was released, but is fixed to "Llewdor" in the Chapter 2 update. It is pronounced 'ludore' (as spelled in some of the sound files) and is a reference to Llewdor. (but had been misspelled in the subtitles).

The Activision website has a FAQ that claims that Graham is from Llwedor.[4]

11. Waddles the Bridge Troll is calling me the “Representative of Lwedor” even though he shouldn’t be aware of this title. Is there something wrong?
No. Waddles is just very resourceful and plugged into the news.

In the original series Llewdor was part of a seperate continent (as part of Tanalore), but its not clear how geography works in the new series. Llwedor actually maybe on the same continent as Daventry far to the north, and Tanalore is a smaller land to the south west of Daventry, also on the same continent.

Noteably, there were no trolls in King's Quest 3. There was a troll in the troll cave in the nearby land of Tamir in the original series lore, but that seems unrelated in the reboot. The location of Tamir is not known in this universe.


In chapter 3 there is a little more about Graham's past including his sisters and pets, and that oaks can be found near his hometown. In KQ3 a specific oak was a major landmark and the source of one spell ingredients Acorns collected in the game.

As a number of details about this universe differ from the original it's unclear how much of the original geography of Llewdor is maintained or how Alexander made his way to Daventry while he did make the invisibility spell, he makes it clear he hasn't used it yet. He did make the animal communicating dough which is how he probably learned of Daventry. There is no evidence that he traveled in on a pirate ship.


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