The Little Folk (aka Little People[1]) is the name for the closely related small races of Daventry.


Many in Daventry don't hold much love for the little people--the short elves, dwarves, gnomes, and leprechauns. This was not always so, for the little folk also withdrew, or were forced to withrdraw, from the Other World. They too are partly responsible for the very fabric of the world of Daventry. It was, however, one of the little people who duped King Edward into parting with the Shield of Achille. A dwarf, it was claimed, but that word never came from Edward's lips. He said it was a small figure bearing a root known only to dwarves. With the subsequent death of the queen, the populace pointed the fingers of hate, fear, and anger at all of the small ones.[2]

Races of Little FolkEdit


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