The Lion is a mammal of the Feline family and is the king of beasts. The male lion is easily recognized by his mane.


Lions live in prides.[1]

A lion was seen by The Wanderer in Serenia, guarding the way to the sea.

The Golden lion was the ultimate guard over Valanice as she was kept prisoner by Hagatha in the Crystal Tower.

Lions have been widely used in sculpture and statuary to provide a sense of majesty and awe.

Two statues of lions grace the front gate of Castle Daventry as seen in the original King's Quest I, and mentioned in the King's Quest Companion. They posed as immovable guards for King Edward's castle, and had frightened numerous intruders.

A Lion statue is mounted above the door entrance of the crypt in Tamir.

Lions statues are also said to decorate the entrance to the Desert Temple as well.

In the Ancient Ones language lion is the animal that represents the letter X.

Behind the scenesEdit

A background story is given to the lion in KQ2 in the An Encyclopedia of Daventry, it has a connection to a man of the jungle, who is a parody of Tarzan.

An wrong answer choice in King's Questions includes a reference to the Lions, the answer explains that Lions appear in KQIII, while this is technically true (see Crypt), KQII would have been a better choice (this might have been a typo).



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