Life is the opposing force to death.


It is the power of living things, it is opposed to Death. It is often associated with the Light. Souls are the union of Light and Life. Darkness may break this bond leading to death.

The flame of the candle and the flame of love are one, and they too are one with the flame of life.

God, the Creator of the Universe is the force behind life giving.

Undeath is a mockery of life.

Life expectancyEdit

  • For humans it would seem that life expectancy is between forty to hundred years. Mid forties is considered old, but some members of society do reach at least their seventies (see Rokail ,who made it to at least 78), if mid forties is 'old', then seventies would be indeed venerable. Through magic humans may extend their lives somewhat, but it is very difficult to obtain true immortality.
  • The lifespan of Gnomes is not clear, Gnomes may be ten times older than they actually appear. Examples have been known to be anywhere between a hundred (at least in appearances for Rumplestiltskin, he may be closer to a thousand), and six hundred years old (Mosstwizzle and Brightmist appear to be in their sixties).
  • Faeries of the Realm of Eldritch appear to be a human subspecies, but are immortal. As are likely most fairy races in the World of Daventry.
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