Legends are ancient stories and in some cases prophecies.

List of legendsEdit

  • There was an old legend saying that disaster would come to Daventry if the stump were ever removed.
  • Legend speaks of a fourth island, an isle shrouded in mists. Then, too, the Land of the Green Isles is said to exist on the boundaries of this world and the next. Even darker places are reputed to be closer here than anywhere else in the world.
  • Legend has it that it is the right of any human to challenge the Lord of the Dead in order to save his own life or the life of another already passed. But the knowledge of how to do this was lost centuries ago.
  • The mouth of the great stone head in The Desert of the Realm of Eldritch, was closed by an evil enchantress. Legend says that it can be opened, but nobody alive knew how. How long had the legend existed? How long had Colin Farwalker been dead?
  • There is a legend, that if Mab was ever frozen, one must fill a shaft of crystal with purest sunlight. With that, one could thaw her...but a warning is that no one physical can take any physical objects into the Realm of Dreams while they are asleep. To take objects there, one would have to travel there while awake.
  • From the veil of legend comes the Spriggans to leap across the hillsides. The Spriggan haunts the hills and fields of Daventry having come out during the Cataclysm.
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