Leather bridle
The leather bridle was a gift given to Graham by a Genie.

Background Edit

It is studded with silver rivets, and a silver bit. Graham received it from the Genie of the Lamp after rubbing the Oil Lamp for the third and final time. It belonged to Pegasus and was the only thing that could break the viper enchantment put on the winged horse by the evil Enchanter. In return Pegasus gave Graham a magical Sugar Cube.

Behind the scenesEdit

This item is known simply as the 'Bridle' in the inventory of KQ2. It is the 'Leather bridle' in the KQ2 hintbook.

The leather bridle and its use on the snake is inpired by the magic 'golden bridle' Bellerophon was given to tame and capture Pegasus (a winged horse who was born of the snake-haired Medusa).[1]

More directly the idea of throwing it onto an enchanted creature comes from a Romanian fairy tale (which appears in Andrew Lang's Violet Fairy book from Andrew Lang's Fairy Books, which he calls The Fairy of the Dawn), the Hero Petru is tasked with throwing a bridle over the head of several "Welwa" (a monsterous beast depending on the source, which is either similar to the ugly beast that becomes a unicorn seen in KQ8, or a giant worm/snake, of some sort). When he throws the bridle over each of the beasts head, each creature turns into a beautiful horse.


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