Laura Bow is a young reporter and investigator from the mid-1920s who met Rosella, and Graham and others from Daventry through the Sierra multiverse.


Laura Bow encountered the young girl Rosella while she as traveling in Daventry (although its not clear how Laura got there). Rosella found the young woman with curly hair lurking behind a tree. The princess asked her "Have you seen my football?"  The reporter replied; "My name is Laura," and mentioned that she took her football as evidence in the bonking of one Larry Laffer. But a policeman (Sonny Bonds) had taken it away from her.

Laura was interviewed by Bookwyrm along with Rosella and Graham (although it is not clear if they saw each other at the time) She mentioned; "My favorite book is really a collection of short stories. The Complete Sherlock Holmes, by Arthur Conan Doyle. Those stories are incredible! Sherlock catches criminals by deducing their life histories from a piece of lint on their jacket. Well, almost. Excuse me, I'm going to stand behind the curtain and practice eavesdropping."

Later on Laura would again encounter Rosella and met Graham, this time challenging each them to board games. She also met Lolotte and Mordack, and even Sonny Bonds and Larry Laffer again. She would meet Graham and Larry again later to play card games. However they didn't have much to say to each other on these occasions.[2]

In 1925 Laura Bow solved a mystery and prevented Colonel Henri Dijon from murder. This was the same colonel who at an earlier time in 1925 had found himself trapped playing cards with Rosella and Graham. She, Rosella, and Graham also encountered Lillian.

Laura Bow back in 1926 once saw artwork inside of a museum by Anonymous Bosch portraying Graham trapped in Hell and tortured by skeletons. She wondered if a chest in the image depicted Pandora's Box (but was probably misinterpreting it). She also discovered that King Edward's body and a unicorn were preserved in alcohol in the museum's basement.

Behind the scenes Edit

From the back of the King's Quest Collection Series box.

The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Murder Mystery - 1920's college girl must solve a murder set in a New Orleans mansion.
The Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Murder Mystery - Cub reporter Laura Bow explores a New York museum as she solves this Egyptian whodunit.
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