Al Lowe interview with Rosella in Larry's Women Speaks from The Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry. Also contains random references to Rosella from other sections of the book.

Interview[edit | edit source]

(Now, to put AT&T[1] into the black for the next six years, a call to the Kingdom of Daventry-that's real long distance).

Al Lowe: Hello?... Royal Summer Palace?... Princess Rosella, please... I'm calling from Fresno, California, USA, Earth... Thank you for your sympathy... No, I don't want to move. Could you just call her to the phone, please?

Rosella: Hello?...

Al Lowe: Princess Rosella, this is Al Lowe.

Rosella: I'm sorry, my father doesn't like my talking to commoners, Al the Low. Nor dating them either.

Al Lowe: Er, no, that's just a name. Not my station in life. I'm really a... well, a sort of wizard. I'm a programmer and I know Unix and-

Rosella: I've always pitied eunuchs, but they are a nice, safe date. If you are a eunuch, you may take me to the drive-in jousting show next Michaelmas. My father may demand proof, however.

Al Lowe: Er, yes. My question, Your Highness, is about Larry; Larry Laffer.

Rosella: Who?

Al Lowe: Leisure Suit Larry. You've made guest appearances in a couple of his computer games.

Rosella: So?

Al Lowe: What do you think of him?

Rosella: Who?

Al Lowe: Sigh. Leisuire Suit Larry.

Rosella: You're not from around here, are you?

Al Lowe: Er, no. I live in Fresno.

Rosella: I'm so sorry. Maybe you could move. Maybe Bakersfield or Cleveland. Well, about this Larry creep. May I tell you the same thing Roberta Williams suggested I tell Larry if he ever calls?

Al Lowe: Well, yes. Thank you. What is it?


Al Lowe: Hello? Hello?

Hmmm. I think we now have enough comments to give us a reasonably accurate picture of Larry's true luck with the ladies. It's pretty much a cinch that he'll never be asked to costar in a King's Quest game with Rosella, or to move back in with either Eve or Kalalau.[2]

Other Material[edit | edit source]

Rosella is referenced in several sections of the book here are other excerpts:

From the Design of Larry 2:[edit | edit source]

"I had enough fun putting Princess Rosella from King's Quest IV in the barber shop and getting it past Roberta.

"I thought she looked familiar. I met her at the Sierra On-line Christmas party." Roberta?

"Nah, she won't speak to me. Rosella."

Don't blame her..."[3]

From Leisure Suit Larry on How to Pick Up Chicks:[edit | edit source]

"However, as one of Princess Rosella's friends told me a couple of weeks ago, "Once a king, always a king, but once a night's enough."[4]

From the section about the Airport (LSL2):[edit | edit source]

"...yes, that barber is Princess Rosella. We've already discussed that.

"Cute chick, but a royal pain to try and date."

She'll fix up your appearance, and you will find it to be a real tonic."[5]

Then on the section about Coarsegold (LSL3):[edit | edit source]


"'ll find Princess Rosella busily filming a scene."[6]

Quiz[edit | edit source]

"The barber at the Airport in Larry 2 resembles Princess Rosella in King's Quest IV."

Humor[edit | edit source]

"...all those characters around down there are from other games. Sir Graham is one of them, and the dragon from King's Quest II, I think, and Roberta Williams is one of the people in the white coats."[7]

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