The Land of the Leprechauns was a small underground kingdom in and near Daventry that was ruled over by King of the Leprechauns and his court.


It is surrounded by bushes near a plateau on the Mushroom Isle within the River Fools. A door separates the domain of the Leprechaun King from the rat's warren.

The island itself is sometimes considered within the domain of the Land of Leprechauns on some maps. With the Dangerous River forming a border between the two kingdoms.

It is unclear if the island exists within or outside of the magical "containment" barrier that surrounded Daventry at the time of Graham's quest for King Edward. Maps of the kingdom have sometimes treat the Land of the Leprechauns as a nearby kingdom outside of Daventry proper with the river as their border. While other maps show it to be under an island within Daventry, with the island as part of the human kingdom proper. On the outer edge it appears it might be a much larger land that can be seen (especially so when the plateau extending into the distance). At other times it appears smaller with only bushes making up its border. Thus is the effects of the magical flux that changes the world on a daily basis. With the effects of the 'containment' and magical flux changing the world its possible that both geographies have been true at one time or another.

It does seem clear that early on however, that reports suggest that The Dwarf was seen entering a hole in the kingdom (a hole that lead to the Land of the Leprechauns). It is also known that there are two known holes to the kingdom from the island, and also under a rock in the Kingdom of Daventry.

At some point during the time of peace following Graham's coronation, the Dangers River bend filled in with sediments (or was dammed by the people of Daventry). The returning people rebuilt the town of Daventry on the surface of the former island, and the nearby Island of the Gnome. Rumplestiltkin moved to the dusty river bed of the former dangerous bend, and built the Gnome's Home. It was there he remained even after most people were forced to abandon the town, and leaving it in a crumbling state. It was there where Alexander met him on his return to the Daventry having been kidnapped eighteen years before.


  • Antechamber (dance floor)
  • Throne Room

Behind the scenes Edit

The KQ1 Hintbook and other sources treat the land as separate from Daventry, lieing under it and outside of it.

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