The Land of the Dead is a name for several lands that hold the dead of various lands of Daventry. They often exist as undead or ghosts.


Death fascinates men the world round, and there are as many philosophies about what comes after this life as there are, it seems, lives which end.[1] In Daventry, there are are several lands of the dead. The Realm of the Dead is also known as the Land of the Dead. The River Styx flows through the Land of the Dead, coins are needed to cross.[2]

The underworld of Hades, is also a land of the dead. An entrances to it lies under Serenia. Orpheus once traveled there to regain his love, by challenging Pluto.

Ooga Booga is the Land of the Dead in the Realm of Eldritch.[3][4]

Other Lands of the Dead could include the City of the Dead in the Dimension of Death, as well as Heaven & Hell.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to Malicia, "I do hope that the two of you get along well, since you're both going to rot together in the Land of the Dead for all eternity!"[5]. From her context, and the context of KQ7 itself she is probably referring to rotting away within Ooga Booga. As Malicia states in KQ7 that Otar and Rosella will be buried alive in Ooga Booga for a thousand years. Thus the reference to Land of the Dead is an euphemism for Ooga Booga, which makes perfect sense. Alternatively, and less likely, it means that Malicia had to know of the Land of the Dead in Daventry, but this seems less likely as they are in separate worlds.


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