The Land of Oz (aka Oz) is a magical land. In the center of this country is Emerald City.


A young girl named Dorothy once travelled there from Kansas when her house was picked up by a tornado. The house landed on a wicked witch killing her. She took the Ruby Slippers from the dead witch. She traveled to the Emerald City, and met the Wizard of Oz. Later, she was chased by another wicked witch and her minions. She blew a silver whistle to call her friends for help. The whistle later apparently ended up being carried by a pelican to the Desert Island near Tamir. One of the regions in Oz is the Gilliken country.

Pumperdinck, where Egglebert of Pumperdinck originates from is also a region within Oz.

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference to wicked witches are a reference to the Wicked Witches of the East and West respectively.

It is unclear if Oz is a region within the world of Daventry, or if it is yet another location in the multiverse. In the original Oz books, Oz is treated more as one of the lands in a hidden continent on Earth.

Pumperdinck should be spelled 'Pumperdink".

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