The Labyrinth Maze (aka Underground Labyrinth and Labyrinth) was a location in the dungeons of Mordack's Castle.


Mordack had a number of defenses in order to prevent intruders from getting into, or out of, his castle. One of these was the way in which he constructed his dungeon. This maze served to frustrate any escape by prisoners that were kept in the dungeon cells. It also did the same thing to anyone who entered the castle there.

Mazes are built to befuddle and confuse all who enter them without either a map or knowledge of the way through. Mordack's maze also had a creature--Dink, for want of a better name--patrolling and protecting it. Dink was trained by the wizard to let no one leave the maze alive. Dink, however, is more stupid than deadly, although, to attack him is fatal enough. Princess Cassima was able to befriend Dink and his brother Sam. This warm human contact probably had much to do with Graham's opportunity to survive his encounter with the deadly beast.[1]

This is the home of the Maze Bug, Sam, Dink, and a mouse.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is known as the Labyrinth Maze and the Underground Labyrinth in the KQ5 Hintbook. Its also referred to as the Wizard's Maze or the Maze in KQC.


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