Kuzgu was an efreeti in the guise of an Imp.


He was the assistant of Karn Megiddo. His job was to assist Karn in gathering supplies needed for the great spell while his master prepared his body in the glamour manarvel. Such ingredients needed for the spell included Dunstan, Ahi'aorina, and many imps, among other things. So the Kuzgu took on the form of an Imp to convince many imps from the land of Zakizga to follow him to the Sorrowing Court. Later he feigned friendship with Dunstan in the Hibestian Range, and pretended to offer him the court. While at the court Kuzgu fed off of Dunstan's energy causing a deep melancholy in the giant. After that it was easy to convince the giant and the Imps to capture Ahi'aorina by telling them it would bring happiness to the court. They were able to capture her in a magical cage. Kuzgu needed the fairy queen because she contained the most energy to draw upon. He was collecting the energy for Karn's spell. King Graham thwarted Karn's plans by capturing Kuzgu in the Magical Cage after forcing him to revert back to his original form, and freeing Karn from the glamour manarvel.[1]


  • Kuzgu the Imp[2]
  • Kuzgu of Sorrowing Court[3]


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