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AGDI universeEdit


Unofficial Map of Kolyma from KQ2 remake


Kolyma was created many years before KQ2+. The occasional earthquake altered the land to the east somewhat, creating deep chasms near the moutainside. The changing ocean levels in the region caused an alteration in the shape of the coastline and the people themselves relocated from where they once lived. Most now reside in the town, which is nestled in the safety of the mountains. It was a wise decision since many claimed to have sounds of howling at night, a sign that many wild animals and were-wolves had moved into Wierwood Forest. As a result few ventured past the town gates, especially after dark.

The land is isolated and the there is a relative scarcity of people throughout most of the realm.


The Realm of Kolyma is the island kingdom that Graham travels to during KQ2+ lying one days journey from Daventry.

In the unofficial King's quest II VGA, Dracula is changed to Count Caldaur, the genie and the Fairy are not present, and Red Riding Hood is named Anastasia (but nicknamed "Possum".)

The surface of Kolyma is larger in KQ2 than it is in the remake. Several locations are missing in the remake and many areas are located in different locations than they originally were. The poisonous lake around Dracula's castle was expanded into an endless swamp in the remake. The map of Kolyma was made up of 49 screens in the original and 37 screens (not counting the entire swamp) in the remake. In this version of Kolyma the undead while still ruling western Kolyma are not dangerous, in fact they are benevolent rulers of the land. The danger actually comes from the Monastery, The Church of the Faith, for the monks are evil werewolves who terrorize the land, and the "great strangeness" doesn't exist. The southern edge of the forest is blocked by an impassible barrier of rocks.

Most citizens live in the town of Kolyma in north west of western Kolyma rather than the shores of eastern Kolyma on the other side of the mountains. The Antique Shop is located within the town. The Wierwood Forest lies just outside the town.

The Church of the Faith is located south of the town, but north of the chasm.

BI universeEdit

In Breast Intentions, Valanice can swim to Kolyma, but Hagatha is on the beach, and tries to capture her again, if she isn't careful.

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