Kolyma is a binary kingdom in or including the Enchanted Isles (KQGS) in the World of Daventry (KQGS)


Surrounded by the sea known as Neptune's Kingdom it lies in or contains the Enchanted Isles (KQGS). The main binary kingdom is made up of two separate kingdoms. The island is divided into two with a border regeion inbetwee, which include Eastern Kolyma (KQGS) and Western Kolyma (KQGS).

Graham travelled to the kingdom of Kolyma to find Hagatha's Tower to find a wife, the tower itself was in the region known as the Enchanted Isles.


Behind the scenesEdit

While both Eastern Kolyma and Western Kolyma are both called the 'kingdom of Kolyma', both Neese and Vee refer to each of their own lands as 'my kingdom'. This would seem to suggest that the combined kingdom is ruled by two different kings.

The mountains seen in the distance in many of the screens of Kolyma are recycled from the same images of mountains seen in the background of Daventry in Chapter 1.

Neese speaks of there being an edge to her kingdom. But she doesn't specify if this is the edge between the two Kolymas, or the edge between  her kingdom and another land, or simply the 'shoreline' of her island.

Graham mentions he was originally from the north or far north in Chapter 3 before coming to live in Daventry, but he doesn't specify that Kolyma is "South" in relation to Daventry.

A couple of lines in Chapter 3 do confirm that if the two Kolymas are not part of the Enchanted Isles, then the Enchanted Isles are part of Kolyma's territory. The first reference is when Graham mentions that the tower is in Kolyma specifically: "The mirror showed me a magical reflection of a tower far away in the kingdom of Kolyma." Another of the references is when Graham falls from the tower while climbing it, he narrates: It was spring in Kolyma, but I still wasn't over fall. But at the same time he also mentions he was in the Enchanted Isles when he reaches the location where the tower is in Kolyma."I suppose there's no better place to start than at the beginning, when my travels led me to the Enchanted Isles."

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