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The Knights of Daventry are the major defenders of the realm of Daventry. They make up an important part of Daventry's army, and are some of the greatest knights in the entire world.


In Daventry, many knights are trained through the Knight School and the Royal University.

The kingdom has many knights and soldiers, who can be called to the castle when the need arises.[1] The most rustic of these knights are known as Rangers. At one time, during the decline of the kingdom in Edward's time, the castle was protected by the weakening spells of long-departed sorcerers and backed by the sword-arms of few than 100 worn-out and battered knights, were the kingdom's final defenses[2]. In fact, a hundred knights may represent the main core of Daventry's military forces even under King Graham, with guards, soldiers and archers rounding out the general day to day protection duties of the castle itself. The armor of some of King Edward's knights from years ago were kept in the hallways of the castle.[3]

The knights of the realm of Daventry, are men of privilege. They eat daily and sleep in secure beds.[4] The knights of Daventry often sat with their ladies in the great gallery of the Great Hall during important assemblages[5]. Even the more poorer of the nights live better than most in the kingdom.

The kingdom doesn't necessarily have a standing army, only conscript/hiring an army from the kingdom's citizens when at war[6], and that represented the paid military. Knights on the other hand apparently had their own estates and houses (poor or not) allowing them to live better than most.

Not all knights of Daventry are nobility however, some come from lesser families and even peasants.[7] Many gallant knights were once peasants.

The knights of Daventry are quite varied. Some travel by foot, others on horseback. Some are clad in silk and velvet, some in leather and wool, some are dressed in the uniform of the Rangers.[8] Some live in or near Castle, the nerby town, and are guards of the palace. Others have to be summoned by messengers.

Knights are given the honorary title 'Sir'. The most honored of knights are known honored as Sir Knight by those they encounter, or as a title of respect among fellow knights.


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The term 'knights of Daventry' appears in King's Quest: The Floating Castle.


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