The Kingdom of Sorrow was a land where Sorrowing Court was located. It was east of Daventry and east of the Glass Mountains and west of the Northern Sea.[1]


While the Sorrowing Court itself was located in a secret valley surrounded by the dark peaks of the Hibestian Range east of the Glass Mountains (both ranges making up the eastern Great Mountains range).  The main part of the kingdom is located in a secret valley among the dark peaks and hills of the Hibestian Range.

The secret valley is surrounded by an area of ranges and peaks and passes of a high altitude mountainous region. Little grows there, beyond a few scraggly trees, and in the secret valley is a small strand of twisted trees, but not much for miles around. The valley itself is at a lower altitude than Dunstan's home in the Hibestian Range where he was lead down from to the Sorrowing Court.

The mountain troll Thragaadash patrols the black peaks to the west of the the valley.

Behind the scenes Edit

Its the name of the land implied by the title of the book, King's Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow, though the title is never specifically used within the story itself (in fact the name of the area isn't mentioned at all within the story).

If compared to Derek Karlavaegen's maps, this region is likely located in eastern portions and edge of the mountains drawn on his maps. These mountains represent the Great Mountains. It is likely not in the lowlands shown to be on the eastern side of the mountains, as it is know more high hills and peaks boarder the eastern edge of the kingdom. This maybe the location of the Vale of Obscurity, or geologically similar location in the Hibestian Range.


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