The King of Daventry is the rightful ruler of Daventry. It is a position of great honor in the land.


Daventry was a very old kingdom, and it had its share of kings, both good and bad, over the thousands of years.[1]

A portrait of the late King Edward hangs in a corridor in Castle Daventry, on one side, along with the portraits of many of the other kings and their wives.[2]

Kings of DaventryEdit

  • An early king of Daventry established the moat monsters in the castle's moat as additional line of defense.[3]
  • Edward's father: Not much is mentioned about him except that when he died he left the magic Shield to his son. It is also known that the trees around the castle were just as tall while he was ruling the kingdom. Thus it can be surmised he used the same castle, or at least the past one in the same location. It is said his son may have built the current castle (though perhaps that means renovated).
  • Edward the Benevolent
  • Graham
  • Telgrin

Potential Future Kings Edit

  • Alexander (despite becoming King of Green Isles, he was still technically the Crown Prince of Daventry, and had potential to rule over both kingdoms)
  • Rosella (she might be crowned Queen, but she was still often considered next in line for the kingdom by all accounts).
  • Edgar (as one of Rosella's main suitors he had the potential of marrying Rosella and becoming the new King).
  • Connor (in Roberta William's eyes Connor would become a potential suitor for Rosella initiating a potential love triangle. Who Rosella would ultimately choose is not known, but its possible Connor could have become the next King of Daventry if she chose him over Edgar)

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