King's Quest XXIX was the twenty-ninth game in the bestselling King's Quest series. It went into production in Jones in the Fast Lane.

Sometime in the far future it would be followed by King's Quest XLIII and King's Quest XXXXVIII.

Possible PlotsEdit

Below are a list of possible plots from the game (or earlier or later games in the series).

  • King Graham starts cross dressing, and apparently enjoys it.[1][2]
  • Graham runs off to live with Passionate Patti in Washington D.C. after a breakup with his wife (maybe after a gender reassignment). Message from 'K. Graham': "Announcement to All! I am no longer responsible for any debts incurred by my wife Valanice, my son Alexander or my daughter Rosella. Correspondence may be sent to: K. Graham of Daventry c/o P. Patti Washington D.C. Better not touch it. Whoever this Kay Graham is, she might be very upset."[3] He will make up later at least in time for Chapter 47.
  • A Hero from the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School meets Genesta.[4] Rosella and Graham become popular and famous throughout the world.[5]
  • Rosella runs off to become a barber, and then begins working for Sierra.
  • Graham has another run in with another wizard who gets him into a peck o' trouble.[6]
  • Tam Baker travels to Coursegold and leaves his wagon behind.[7]
  • A merchant from Daventry travels to sell fine rugs from the King's palace in Daventry, that had been auctioned off for a fraction of their worth.[8]
  • Graham travels to the future and is captured by another roc while on Estros (he goes under the alias 'Maharg').[9] Some rumors suggest he became a mayor of Xenon for a time.[10]
  • Cassima meets Gabriel Knight[11].
  • Cedric comes to a bad end in Coursegold?[12] The second time he 'died' for those counting.
  • Cedric meets the Leshy, something the Leshy doesn't want to remember...[13]

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