The King's Quest I Hint Book is the official Sierra hint book for King's Quest: Quest for the Crown.

Following the hints in the Hintbook will often lead you down the worst (more violent) solution path, as the main path through the game. Such as killing the Dragon, rather than helping it out with the bridle. The good solutions are either discussed much later (under a different question, and the author mocks the reader for not discovering the better path) or left over as things to 'try'. This was intended to keep the better solutions as a surprise (and to also punish the reader for simply reading through the questions).

The order of the treasures are found in the hints/walkthrough are based on the order Edward sent Graham on his mission in the original game (and in the manual): Magic mirror, magic shield, and finally magic chest.

There are also a number of false questions to throw people off who try to simply read through the book.

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