King's Quest III Gold Edition is a cancelled update to Infamous Adventures's King's Quest III VGA.


v 3.0 (Last Version, 2.0 released in 2006!)
- All new backgrounds by Jeremy Kitchen and Elissa Ng
- New Animations and Sprites by Jon Stoll and Jeremy Kitchen
- Updated Spell System
- Newly Re-Recorded voice tracks
- New Sound FX and Music Cues
- Bug Fixes

We've been working on this for a while. We always wanted to go back and do a v3.0 of our King's Quest, and we'd work on it slowly - fixing some bugs here and there, tweaking a couple of things. Now, this brand new version features vastly improved graphics, a new spell system and other updates.

This is the same game we made five years ago - we haven't changed or added anything to the story, so you can get your classic King's Quest III experience right here![1]

Behind the scenes

"...the hard decision to cease production on a couple of our titles. In particular, our Kings Quest III Gold Edition, and our Space Quest II Gold Edition. And to announce that we won't be starting any new remakes...started and stopped production of a number of other remakes, which got to various stages in production (most of them not far at all.) Conquests of Camelot, Police Quest II, The Colonels Bequest, Space Quest III and Kings Quest IV."[2]

"The other harsher truth is that we have flown under the radar for a long time, in a legal gray area with these fan remakes. Even though they are entirely not-for-profit, and are 100% original works (we didn't use anything from the original games in our remakes) the games themselves are copyrighted. We have only ever treated these games with respect and didn't do anything to degrade the value of the titles. But bottom line, if the owners of the copyrights wanted to, they are within their rights to issue cease and desist notices. With these franchises actually profitable (and the titles for sale again) it's not worth our effort to continue to make these without monetary return. Space Quest II took 5 years to make. It's a labor of love but it's a LONG time too!

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